Competition Rules

1.    All members competing in club competitions must register at the boat shed prior to commencing fishing.
2.    All Competitions on the Gryffe start and end at the Bothie.
3.    All competitors returning fish to the scales must be at the weigh in point within fifteen minutes of the competition end time. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
4.    Anglers can retain no more than six stocked fish during a competition. There is no limit on the number of natural fish that can be retained during a competition as long as they are equal to or greater in length to the size limit stated on the their Permit.
5.    Competitions Superior's decision is final.

Note: The weigh in point on the Gryffe is the boat shed, on the Harelaw and Knocknair the weigh in point shall be prescribed by the competition superior at the start of the competition.

Please note that fish can only be weighed when the competition is finished. Any competitor wishing to leave the competition early should make their own arrangements for their catch to be submitted by a fellow competitor.
Competitors are reminded that the weigh in commences on completion of the competition, the end time of which is stated on their permit. All  competitors returning fish to the scale must be at the weigh in point no later than 15 minutes after the end of the competition.
NO anglers should weigh their own fish or edit the Competition Results book with the exception of registration. Only the Competition Superiors or persons appointed by the competition superiors can conduct the 'weigh in'.
Any competitor failing to comply with any of the stated will be disqualified.
Competition Results