Port Glasgow Angling Club

Instituted 1904
Work Parties     

Meeting place :- Gryffe Car Park.

A book will be provided for members to register and committe members will be on hand to organise what is required. Please ensure you register.

Work Party Dates
Sunday 25th February 10:00 to 12:00   Meeting Gryffe Car Park.

Sunday 25th March 10:00 to 12:00

Sunday 29th April 10:00 to 12:00

Monday 21st May  6:30pm to 8:30pm

Sunday 26th August 10:00 to 12:00

Sunday 30th September 10:00 to 12:00
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Inverclyde Trophy

Loch Thom
Sunday 16th September
11am to 4pm

Fly Only
Work Party

A clear frosty morning and iced over margins welcomed members attending the first work party of 2018. Members were soon at work clearing rubbish from the banks, car park and lane which helped to keep the cold at bay. Over a dozen bags of rubbish were removed in preparation for the approaching season most of it coming from the car park. Thanks go to all who turned up.

Club Book at GAC

Glasgow Angling Centre continues to offer members the opportunity to earn financial reward for the club. Members can request any purchase they make to be added to the 'Club Book'. Ten percent of the value of your purchase will be added to the club account.
So all you have to do when at the checkout is ask the sales assistant to put your purchase in the 'Club Book'.  At the end of the season the club can collect the sum raised by member's contributions, this money is then used towards prizes for junior members and raffle prizes at the Annual Prize Giving.

Archie Blair and Dave McKay, working hard at Garshangan?

Overcast conditions and a strong cold southerly breeze welcomed a good turnout of anglers to the Fly Only. Fifteen anglers in total competed and were not disappointed as the Gryffe kicked into life. Rods along the South Shore faired well with the Sneddon brothers taking nine fish between them Thomas pipping Alan at the weigh in by three quarters of an ounce. Further along the shore Andy McKay took six fish to his dry set up with Humpys being his productive pattern on the day.
The north shore also had its hotspot with Barclay and Blair doing well later in the day. Both rods took six fish with Barclay taking fish on a Slow Intermediate and Blair a floating line coupled with a Gorgeous George Muddler and a small Black Lure. Iain Lindsay also had success in this area in the morning taking his six fish and returning a good few in jig time. Successful tactic was a Slow Intermediate line and a cast consisting of a Doobry, Kate McClaren and a mini Damsel. In the afternoon Iain changed to a floater and continued to add to his excellent performance picking up a couple of smaller fish at Corlic and along the Clay Bank.
After a good start in Corlic fishing slowed for David Downie however he managed three nice fish and managed to bend into a couple of Pike.
Round in Garshangan Tam McDade using a floater took a good bag of 5 fish the biggest just short of 2lb, this was enough to secure third place just behind Archie Blair in second. Iain Lindsay took first place with a bag weight just under 7lb. Overall 15 anglers returned 48 trout to the scales, not a bad day at all.