Port Glasgow Angling Club

Instituted 1904

1 Title
The club shall be called THE PORT GLASGOW ANGLING CLUB.

2 Objects
The objects of the club shall be:-
(a) To encourage and promote the art of angling.
(b) To stock with best known varieties of trout, any dam or other suitable water in which the club may obtain rights.
(c) To preserve and improve the fishing for members of the club.

3 Management
The committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of five other members, all of whom shall be elected annually. Five members shall form a quorum. The chairman of all meetings shall have a casting vote as well as a deliberative vote.

4 Meetings
(a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the month of November in each year for the election of Office-bearers, fixing the amount of entry money and annual subscription, and the transaction of any other club business. Alteration of and addition to the rules shall be made at Annual General Meeting only.
(b) Alteration of and addition to rules shall be approved by two thirds of the members at the A.G.M. and notice of the same must be made in writing to the Secretary not later than 21 days prior thereto.
(c) Committee meetings shall be held at such times as may be necessary. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President or on a requisition by 8 members of the club and 48 hours notice by circular calling same shall be given.

5 Memberships
(a) Ordinary. The club shall not have more than 200 ordinary members. Application for membership must be made on a form containing the names of the Proposer and Seconder. This form to be submitted by the Secretary at a Committee meeting. Applicants for membership should be residing in Port Glasgow at the time of application. The sons of past members of Port Glasgow who are members of the club will be considered for membership providing application is made prior to their 10th birthday
(b) Junior. Juniors to 16 years of age may be admitted at the discretion of the Committee - Junior membership should not normally exceed one quarter of the total membership.
(c) Honorary and Life Membership. Shall be nominated by the Committee and endorsed at an Annual General Meeting.
(d) Ceasing Membership. Any person ceasing to hold membership of the club shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership but shall remain liable for the return of any property belonging to the club or any dues or debts to the club which became payable or were incurred before the date of resignation or expulsion.
(e) Non Resident Membership of Port Glasgow Angling Club is available to a limited number of persons residing out with the town boundaries. The number of non-resident members of the club is to be restricted to 25. Ten non-resident memberships will be made available in the first year (2003), with a further five added to the overall total the next three years until a total of twenty five is reached (2006). A waiting list shall be set up for non residents if required.
"    Non-resident members may not propose new members or amendments to the constitution until they have completed three years of continuous membership.
"    The child (under 16) of a non-resident member, who has completed three years of continuous membership, may be accepted into the club and not count as a non resident member.

6 Subscriptions and Entry Fees
(a) New Members. An entry fee or such sum as the members shall determine from time to time shall be paid by each member on election
(b) The subscription payable by ordinary and junior members shall be fixed each year by members at the Annual General Meeting.
(c) Any member whose subscription is unpaid by 1st March shall forfeit membership.
(d) Retired members with 5 years or more continuous membership will be entitled to reduced or waived subscription as determined by members from time to time, at an Annual General Meeting.
(e) Every member shall be responsible for informing the Secretary of change of address or other information relevant to their membership of the club.

7 Treasurer
The Treasurer shall receive all monies due to the club and shall pay the debts of the club. All assets of the club will be held in the name of the club. All bank accounts will be operated by the signatures of any two officials. The treasurer shall prepare the yearly balance sheet and submit the same to the Auditor of the club.

8 Secretary
The secretary shall prepare minutes of all meetings and engross same in the clubs minute book. He shall summon meetings and conduct correspondence.

9 Obligations
Every member shall be bound to report to the Secretary any infringement of rules and bye-laws which may come under his notice, and the Secretary shall bring such report before the first meeting of the Committee. Every member shall provide himself with a copy of the rules at a price fixed by the Committee.
Members are required to attend a minimum of one Work Party per membership year. Participation in a Work Party will involve, but is not limited to care and maintenance of club waters and assets. It will be the responsibility of the member to attend a work party on any of the dates provided by the committee. A program of Work Party dates will be provided by the club, details of which will be disseminated to the membership. Junior Members are exempt from work party attendance. For members who have reached the state pension age or are disabled attendance is optional. Failure to attend a work party within a membership year will result in a fine to be paid on membership renewal. Refusal/failure to pay will result in membership being withdrawn.

10 Liabilities
The Committee of Management shall have recourse against all members on the roll of the club, for any obligation which they as Committee of Management may have undertaken on behalf of the club. The responsibility of any member withdrawing will not cease till 28 days after the official opening of the season.

11 Competitions
Competitions may be held as the committee will fix and any member desiring to take part in same shall enter his name therefore. The committee shall appoint to members to see the fish weighed and their decision will be final.

12 Powers of Committee
(a) The Committee of Management shall take such steps (legal or otherwise) and incur such expense as may be required and as they think fit to protect the rights and interests of the club; but they shall not enter into litigation without the special authority of the members of the club.
(b) The Committee are authorized to deal with such member or person who is found infringing the rights or doing anything to the detriment of the club; and they shall also deal with any member who breaks the law by fishing an illegal manner, or who does not observe the rules and byelaws of the club, or about whom any complaint is made by the superiors of the fishings.
(c) The committee shall also have the power to make bye-laws and alter or add to these from time to time as they think expedient for the effective management and well being of the club. All bye-laws and regulations made under this rule shall be binding upon the membership until repealed by the committee or set aside by a resolution of a General Meeting of the club.
(d) The Committee is the sole authority for the interpretation of the rules (and of the bye-laws made there under).

13 Dissolution of the Club
The club shall not be dissolved so long as ten Ordinary members belong to it and then only provided that the majority agrees thereto, in the event of its dissolution the property after satisfying all liability, shall be equally divided among the full members then remaining.

Bye-Laws and Competition Rules- Revised 2018

1.    Members/anglers are especially requested to protect wild life and livestock.
2.    Vehicle parking at the Gryffe should be at the boat house lane and higher Gryffe access points only
3.    No member/angler shall be allowed to take a dog to the fishing grounds.
4.    Camping is prohibited at all club waters.
5.    Fires are prohibited at all club waters.
6.    Members/anglers are to use stiles provided when traversing field boundaries.
7.    Members/anglers shall be strictly bound to keep to the roads and foot paths when going to and coming from the waters.
8.    Members/anglers when fishing on the waters of the club must carry their permit at all times and shall be obliged to show same to the Superiors, gamekeepers, watchers, or members of the club when requested to do so.
9.    Members wishing permission for a friend shall make application to the Secretary, who will provide him with a Daily Permit at the priced fixed by the members at an A.G.M.
10.    Seasonal alterations or additions to the bye-laws shall be shown on Membership Cards and POSTED on the Boathouse notice board.

Fishing Rules Revised 2018
1.    The close time stipulated by statute shall be observed by the club. Namely the fishing season will commence on the 15th March and cease on the 6th October. No fishing shall take place on any club water out with these dates.
2.    All fishing shall be done with a rod and line in a fair sportsmanlike manner and only the recognized angling lures shall be used.
3.    Members/anglers are restricted to fish a single rod.
4.    Treble Hooks are not permitted for bait fishing
5.    Bait fishing is restricted to a maximum of two single hooks.
6.    Bait fishing is restricted to single hooks only.
7.    Bubble Fly Fishing is not permitted on club waters.
8.    Ground Baiting and Swim Feeders are not permitted on club waters.
9.    Chemical Bait enhancers i.e. Power Bait, are not permitted on club waters.
10.     There is a four fish limit on all club waters per day, except during club competitions.
11.     Anglers may not retain fish that do not exceed the stated Size Limit for Trout as stated on their Permit.
12.     No Day or Season Ticket holders are allowed on the club water which is hosting a competition.
13.    Only competitors can fish the club water on which a competition is taking place.
14.     The use of Float tubes is permitted by senior members only, who have submitted a disclaimer form provided by the club to the club secretary. Members using a float tube members MUST wear a life jacket at all times. Juniors, Day and Season ticket holders are not permitted to use float tubes on club waters.
15.    Private Boats, canoes, pontoon boats or similar craft are not permitted on club waters at any time.

Competition Rules
1.    All members competing in club competitions should register with the competition superiors before the start of the match.
2.    All competitors returning fish to the scales must be at the weigh in point within fifteen minutes of the competition end time. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
3.    Members can retain no more than six stocked fish during a competition. There is no limit on the number of natural fish that can be retained during a competition as long as they are equal to or greater in length to the size limit stated on the their Permit.
4.    Junior members are not required to comply with size limits during a competition.
5.    Competitions Superior's decision is final.

Note: The weigh in point on the Gryffe is the boat shed, on the Harelaw and Knocknair the weigh in point shall be prescribed by the competition superior at the start of the competition.

rules & bye laws